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Tacoma, WA

Reverends Moseley – Assistant Pastors/Church Operations
Reverends Moseley are the Assistant Pastors for Christ Gospel Church Of Tacoma. They assist Elders/Pastors McGriff in various areas of responsibility for the church operations so that the Holy Spirit and Word may move freely according to the Will of God. They oversee the Married Couples Fellowship and the Men & Women Fellowship classes. They are caseworkers for the Northwest Furniture Bank for the surrounding area of Pierce County helping to restore hope, dignity, and stability in the community by helping families who are in need of furniture. As part of their preparation for Ministry, they have accomplished and completed the Overcomers Program for the Christ Gospel Church Bible Institute. For more information, please contact the Reverends Eddie and Miranda Moseley at / or 253-584-3904.

Reverends Harris Pastors of Oak – Harbor Bible Study & Wenatchee Mission 
Reverends Harris have been members of Christ Gospel Churches around the globe for over 20 years. They are currently serving the Lord by ministering to the saints of the Oak Harbor Bible Study that meets every 3rd Saturday between 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm and the Wenatchee Bible Study that meets every 1st Saturday between 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. Reverends Harris faithfully share the Word of God with the brotherhood. They are seasoned leaders naturally and spiritually. Prior to ministering at the Oak Harbor/Wenatchee Bible studies, they served as CGCNWCM Youth Leaders, Adult Sunday School Teachers, and Prayer Leaders. In May 2012, Reverend Robert Harris retired from the United States Army after 21 years of active service. Married for 20 years, they are eager to continue to grow and learn in the ministry that the LORD has called them. For more information, please contact Reverends Robert and Elaine Harris at / or 253-584-3904.

Reverends McMillian – Outreach Directors
Reverends McMillian started with Christ Gospel Church of Tacoma from 1994 to 2004. They were married in 1995 by Elders/Pastors Herman Sr. and Tonja McGriff. Reverend Keith McMillian has served as Treasurer, Prayer Leader, Audio Worker, and Sunday School Superintendent/Teacher. Reverend Tonya McMillian has served as the Secretary and the Single Ladies Fellowship Group Leader. The LORD inspired Reverend Tonya McMillian to begin the monthly newsletter called “The Brides Message”. They rejoined in 2017 to once again serve at CGCNWCM. Reverends Keith and Tonya McMillian are currently serving as the Directors of the Outreach Ministry and Building Committee. Reverend Keith McMillian assists with treasury duties. Reverend Tonya McMillian once again maintains the newsletter “The Brides Message” for the Northwest Coast Ministries. They have a strong desire and commitment to please God, our Father, the LORD Jesus Christ, our Saviour, and the Precious Holy Spirit, our comforter and guide to staying within the Father’s  Purposive Will and Master Plan under the leadership of Elders/Pastors Herman and Tonja McGriff. For more information, please contact the Ministers Keith and Tonya McMillian at or 253-584-3904.

Ministers Lee – Royal Regiment Leaders
Ministers Lee has been with Christ Gospel Church of Tacoma for 22 years under the leadership of Elders/Pastors Herman and Tonja McGriff. For more information, please contact Ministers Karl and Vivien Lee at / or 253-584-3904.

Minister Gross  – Sunday School Superintendent for Tacoma & Seattle / Nursery Coordinator Secretary
Minister Gross serves faithfully behind-the-scenes, organizing activities such as parties, weddings, fundraising, birthday and anniversary celebrations, scheduling church cleaning, and preparing for youth classes. She oversees the Sunday School classes in both Tacoma and Portland and teaches the kids during Church service. Minister Gross has been called to this message since 1980. She and her husband share the duties of grandparents to 15 grandchildren and strive to let their lights shine for Christ. For more information, please contact Minister Gross at or 253-584-3904.

Sister Schick – Administrative Secretary
Sister Schick serves the LORD and His House by assisting the Pastors with the administrative needs of the Northwest Coast Ministries.