Portland, OR

Reverends McGriff –  Pastors

Reverends McGriff are the Pastors of Christ Gospel Church Of Tacoma. They started in 1994.  For more information, please contact the Reverends Herman and Tonja McGriff at / or 253-584-3904.

Dr. Reverend Domani Hintze-Pothen – Assistant Pastor/CGCNWCM Evangelist

Since the Pastors are not able to be in attendance for each church service every Sunday, a team of dedicated ministers assists them. On this team is Dr. Reverend Hintze-Pothen who helps bear the torch of the Word in Portland. She is also an English professor at a local university in Portland. In addition to teaching on Wednesday night at the church, she oversees semi-monthly Bible Studies.

Reverends Peter and Jessica Dore – In Training to be Assistant Pastors / Church Operations

Reverends Peter and Jessica Dore carry the joint responsibilities of preserving order in the House of God, acting as eyes and ears for the Pastors, and caring for the Saints with whom the Lord has blessed us. Both alternate teaching and preaching as needed. Reverend Peter Dore plays guitar in the worship band, and Reverend Jessica Dore leads the Royal Regiments children’s program. They reside in southwest Washington with their three adorable children.

Ministers Heber and Tomasa Miguel – Outreach Program Directors

Deacons Heber and Tomasa have been with the Portland Gospel of Christ Church for years, under the leadership of Rev. Pastor Herman and Tonja McGriff. The ministry that God has anointed to be the greatest in the Hispanic Extension Department. This Department is an Extension and it is a great privilege in meeting different people from all over the world. His goal and desire for the Extension Department are to go out and be a light that shines in the dark, and to bring souls to Christ.

Ministers Jared & Holly Miller – Youth Ministry / Worship Leader

Minister Jared Miller is currently a high school English teacher and originally from California. He moved to Portland, Oregon in 2007 for college, during which time he met his wife. Minister Holly Miller has grown up in Portland and works as a nurse. She leads worship and plays piano and together, the Millers serve as the Youth Ministers. Minister Jared Miller also manages the church, Facebook page.

Reverends Moseley – Married Couples Fellowship Leaders

Reverends Moseley are the Assistant Pastors for Christ Gospel Church Of Tacoma. They assist Elders/Pastors McGriff in various areas of responsibility for the church operations so that the Holy Spirit and Word may move freely according to the Will of God. They oversee the Married Couples Fellowship and the Men & Women Fellowship classes. They are caseworkers for the Northwest Furniture Bank for the surrounding area of Pierce County helping to restore hope, dignity, and stability in the community by helping families who need furniture. As part of their preparation for Ministry, they have accomplished and completed the Overcomers Program for the Christ Gospel Church Bible Institute. For more information, please contact the Reverends Eddie and Miranda Moseley at / or 253-584-3904.