2022 CGCNWCM Singles Retreat in Tacoma and Seattle, Washington

September 4, 2022 Royal Regiment Ceremony in Tacoma, Washington

2022 CGCNWCM Womens Retreat in Portland, Oregaon

2021 CGCNWCM Womens Retreat in Portland, Oregaon

January 7, 2018 the Grand Opening Sunday Service in Seattle, Washington 

2018 CGCNWCM Womens Retreat with Tacoma and Seattle, Washington

2018 CGCNWCM Womens Retreat with Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon


Minister Miguel, “Thank God for giving us pastors who are sensitive to the Holy Spirit to bring healing to our souls. The retreat of ladies was a blessing for my soul and to see that the Lord wants to liberate us from everything that I was carrying and for this reason we have not been able to serve him freely because of our pain that we got in our childhood that was formed as a jail. Reverend Domani shared with us about the pain that is going on around us and that has affected us, but Jesus Christ died because of our pains. The only way we can be free is by allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal the portions that caused us bitterness in our hearts for which we raise protection around us because we do not want to be hurt and we determine to be strong in our pride of revelation believing that we are insurance Reverend Mosley shared with us about the roots of bitterness that we still have in our being. There is so much to witness that if God allows me to share it when we are again in the retreat, it is a great blessing. There is no price for the teaching that the servants of God shared with us. I encourage sisters to attend and bring sisters in this activity that is a great blessing. God bless you!”

Sister Tyson, “The LORD used the women’s retreat in a deeply powerful way to break down walls in my relationship with Him and with others. Through the retreat, He exposed my bitterness and pain. He instilled in me, through our powerful speakers, a resolve to seek Him in pain and allow Him to redeem my wounds for His Name and His Glory.”

Sister Toni, “My biggest takeaway from the retreat was about bonding and bitterness. There are things the Lord wants to give me, but He can’t because my hands are full of things that I’m holding bitterness against. So until I release those things, release that bitterness, he can’t bless me with the gifts he wants to give me. Thank you JESUS that at the end of the retreat I let it all go! And the gifts are flowing and I am FREE!”

Sister Schick, “The LORD used the Women’s Retreat to bring balance to the place of imbalance in my spiritual life: my personal relationship and my relationship in Jesus with the Brotherhood. Because the Name and the Kingdom are planted within the heart and then move outward, my choices matter. It’s no longer just about me and my personal experience with Jesus, but it’s about the collective, the larger Brotherhood. Therefore, I can no longer just ask “Why me?” but I must for “What purpose is this experience, this pain?” I can no longer recoil in the pain and build walls of defensive pride. I can no longer allow the memories of pain and rejection to nourish the root of bitterness. I must allow God to take the walls of pride down. I must allow God to uproot the bitterness. I must allow my heart that bears the Name and has the Kingdom of the God of Love within to be exposed, to be broken, and to love. For this is the God I love. The one who was broken. The one who loved despite rejection and pain. The one who gave himself in love. For this is my God I love. This is “my” God I serve.”

Youth Convention 2018

2017 Royal Regiment End of the Year Celebration in Portland, Oregon

Youth Convention 2017

2017 CGCNWCM Annual BBQ in Tacoma, Washington at Harry Todd Park

2017 Christmas Food Baskets and Clothing Give Away in Tacoma, Washington with Seattle Outreach Team 

2016 Couples Dinner in Vancouver, Washington

2016 Community Outreach Car Wash in Tacoma, Washington

2016  Youth Hike in Portland, Oregon

2016  Youth Convention in Jeffersonville, Indiana

Silverwood Theme Park 2016

2016 CGCNWCM Annual BBQ in Vancouver, Washington

2016 Royal Regiment Hallelujah Night in Portland, Oregon

Tacoma and Seattle, Washington