Ministers Eddie and Miranda Moseley
Assistant Pastors / Church Operations

Ministers Eddie and Miranda Moseley are Assistant Pastors for Christ Gospel Church. As Assistant Pastors, they assist Pastors McGriff in various areas responsibility to ensure that the Holy Spirit and Word may operate freely according to the Will of God. In addition to the role of Assistant Pastors, they oversee the Married Couples Fellowship of Tacoma. As part their preparation for ministry, they have accomplished the Overcomer Programs for Christ Gospel Churches International.

Minister Jacqueline Humbert
Area Evangelist/ GCGNWCM Assistant Pastor

Minister Jacqueline Humbert has been with Christ Gospel Church of Tacoma for 16 years under the leadership of Pastor Herman and Rev. Tonja McGriff. The ministry for which God has anointed her is the Outreach Department. In the Outreach Department there is a great privilege to meet different people from all over the world. Her goal for the Outreach Department is to go out and lead more people to Christ.


Ministers Austin and Berenice Williams

Youth Leaders for Tacoma & Seattle

Minister Austin Williams was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. He has a love and desire to serve and please the LORD by being an example to those around him. He is currently serving in the Air Force. Minister Berenice Williams was born and raised in Hillsboro, Oregon. They are currently working on their Exhorters licence. Youth Ministry Info:
Ministers Robert and Elaine Harris
Oak Harbor and Wenatchee Bible Study Leaders


Ministers Robert and Elaine Harris have been members of Christ Gospel Churches around the globe for over 20 years. They are currently serving the Lord by ministering to the saints of the Oak Harbor Bible Study. The Ministers Harris faithfully travel three hours each way every other Saturday to share the Word of God with the brotherhood. They are seasoned leaders naturally and spiritually. Prior to ministering at the Oak Harbor Bible study, the Ministers Harris served as CGCNWCM Youth Leaders, Adult Sunday School Teachers, and Prayer Leaders. In May 2012, the Ministers Harris retired from the United States Army after 21 years of active service. Married for 20 years, they are eager to continue to grow and learn in the ministry the LORD has called them to.


Sister Miki Gross
Sunday School Superintendent for Tacoma & Seattle / Nursery Coordinator / Secretary


Sister Gross serves faithfully behind-the-scenes, organizing activities such as parties, weddings, fundraising, birthday and anniversary celebrations, scheduling church cleaning, and preparing for youth classes. She oversees the Sunday School classes in both Tacoma and Portland and teaches the kids during Church service. Sister Gross has been called to this message since 1980. She and her husband share of the duties of grandparents to twelve grandchildren and strive to let their lights shine for Christ.


Deacon Obed Sorano

Deacon / Musician


Brother Obed serves the church as a deacon and plays his guitar for the Lord in the church worship band.