Christ Gospel Church of Vancouver
(360) 836-9307 & (503) 502-4110

Iglesia del Evangelio de Cristo de Vancouver es una organización independiente afiliada con Cristo Evangelio Iglesias International, Inc.
Service times
Sunday Sunday School 10:00 a.m.
Regular Service 11:00 a.m.
Monday Studio Homes (cells) 7:00 p.m.
Wednesday Bible Study 7:00 p.m.
Study for Marriage 3rd Saturday of every month 6:00 p.m.
Revival Meeting The 4th Saturday of each month 7:00 p.m.


That glorious invitation that has given us our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to be part of a large group that loves God and wants to grow each day in the stature of the perfect man Jesus Christ. Thanking God who gave us a living hope (1 Peter 1: 3-4). Aware that hope is not an illusion but a firm belief is faith, which is projected into the future.

God in his great mercy to open doors for the Mighty message to the wife reaches the Northwest. This is for anyone who wants to grow morally and spiritually so that in eternity future can be part of the wife of Lord Jesus Christ. In other words God has given us the privilege and opportunity at this time to listen and obey what the Bible details so that we can achieve it. (2 Tim. 3: 16-17).

Recall that in the marriage of the Lamb will be invited, too virgins but only one will marry him and dwell in the New Town forever. (Rev.19: 7-8).

Today God has opened a door in the city of Vancouver Washington for the “Message of the Bride” can be shared with those who yearn to study the Word of God to know their Creator in a profound way while learning to know themselves the light of the Word the many reasons why we struggle in our spiritual career, since the Supreme calling is great.

According to what we are seeing and hearing what is happening in this world we realize that the Lord will soon return for those who have been preparing, washing their spiritual garments each day, giving a true testament to good fruit; which undoubtedly shows spiritual maturity.

To invite you to be part of this group of people who have chosen an inheritance the new Jerusalem.

Pastors Oscar and Lupita Miguel